A Prayer for 2020

So it’s another year of the Gregorian calender and another year for Muslimahs Ablaze…or what’s left of it. The situation has been bad. what started out as a love child born out of friends wanting a place to connect and share, turned into work that we couldn’t make time for. We’ve made excuses to one another and to ourselves, blamed school, work, family, aspects of our lives that we knew we would have to work around but it seems we couldn’t.

At the beginning it was fun and exciting, then again isn’t it always ? We found the time between our duties and responsibilities, time between the different time zones we were in to sit and discuss about how to better our baby. what needed to be done, by who, how , dang ! when I think about how organised we were then I want to laugh…from sadness. In short we had our ish together.

Now this post isn’t a diss to the state we’re in but one last dying attempt to crawl out of this pit that we’ve fallen into. Is it to naive to believe we can be saved ? that all hope isn’t lost and we can revive some of that magic we had at the begining ?

Writing used to be an outlet but now its seems i’ve forgotten how to. I miss this community of ours, I miss my sisters. Keeping up relationships is hard but it’s never been harder in this day and age, through this blog I knew I would always hear the latest from our writers, that in between the topic discussions and schedule sorting we would find time to catch up with each others lives.

So as the clock reads 11:23 I write these words; Lets keep this blog up. if not for the love of writing and sharing but for the sake of friendship and sisterhood. That is my prayer for 2020 and I promise to do my part in achieving that.

Dear readers, if there are any left out there, that is my prayer to you too; fight to keep the relationships that mean something to you.

Stay blessed and Happy 2020

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