Sunny-side Breakfast Toast


Alright! Welcome to the first post on “We Eat” ! Procrastination is a horrible disease and it needs to stop. The world is facing a pandemic right now and people are stuck indoors, what better time to get busy in the kitchen ?

To begin will start simple and easy, looking at a simple yet one of my favourite breakfast options…toast.

What you’ll need;

Bread of your choice

An egg




Salt and pepper

As you might have guessed we begin with an Aztec delight; guacamole. I hate avocados, but seasoning really makes a difference.

So mash up some avocado, seasoning to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Some people add tomatoes but I don’t usually bother. Set it aside to chill.

Next thinly slice up some cucumbers,the thinner the better.

Heat up a nonstick pan and break your egg, to get a nice sunny side up.

Now take your bread and toast it.

Onward to assembling!

Take your toast, spread a generous layer of guacamole, arrange the cucumber slices and top off with the egg.

Sunny-side breakfast toast

Finally sprinkle with salt, pepper or even hot sauce, whatever suits your taste-buds. I garnished with some dry oregano was some extra aroma

I washed the toast down with a nice breakfast smoothie (recipe to be posted later )

Enjoy your healthy, loaded and filling breakfast

Bon appetite

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