Death: How do you reflect?

It might be too late to wish everyone a happy Ramadhan, but better late than never, right? So, Happy Ramadhan everybody!

I wrote a little reflection poem about death, because I realized how this is a scary topic for many people. The minute you mention death, in any way, then there is a certain look on people’s face, like a taboo. As if talking about it, will trigger it to happen, even though it is a reality that cannot be ignored. However, if we choose, it can actually be quite the contrary, for talking about death, reminds you even more how much you should cherish your life and the people in it.

So here is the poem for a little bit of reflection and a reminder that we do not and we cannot go on forever in this life, and that death itself is the essence of life. Please do share your thoughts as well on this topic, as we would love to hear from you.

Death, the essence of life

Death is that silent truth
That no one wants to talk
Or romanticize about.

It is the uninvited guest that no one can escape
The kind of guest that however unwanted
When they knock on your door
You have to let them in for tea

Death is the villain
In every persons story

It’s the endless unknown
And the scary abyss
The dark tunnel
Whose truth and answers are with those who were taken by it
Those who are now not here
To narrate it’s tales
It’s remnants left in the living world
Just a void of questions of ‘whether’ or not

Death is the reminder
That whoever you are
Wherever you are
However you live
When the day arrives
It will strip your body naked
The flesh that you held on so dear
And it will take the soul that you forgot you bear
The spirit walking away into the greater unknown
With the stranger that They would have to get familiar with
The stranger called – death

Death is the reality
There is nothing truer than it
Because unfortunately
It cannot be cheated or altered or sent back
Although life is flexible
It let’s you create your own illusions
Let’s you believe in magic and a thing called forever , or that you are better than the other
It let’s you believe that you are indestructible and there is nothing you cannot do –
Death is the complete opposite.
It reminds you of all that you are not
It reminds you of your incapability of control over your own life
It’s the stricter parent
The one that tells you as it is

And nobody likes the truth
Especially an unsure truth
Is this why death is hated so ?

But don’t you see ?
That life and death are sisters
The crueler one being life
How she seduces you into her shining sky,
Filled with hope and happiness,
Letting you think that you can hold onto it
That whatever she holds and has given you is rightfully yours,
She doesn’t let you feel like a guest
Even though that’s all you are
She let’s you believe in her illusions
Life knows that it will all be snatched away
And yet

It seduces you until you succumb in its arms
Reveling in its warmth
Believing it’s every word
But all this while
It’s playing you
Letting you believe that it will hold on to you
All this while knowing the truth
That her sister – death – will come knocking at any time of day
And you will have to go
Leaving it all behind
Because nothing was yours in the first place

Life is the deceiver
It’s the crueler sister
A wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing

This Ramadhan, lets remind ourselves, that however beautiful or ugly our life maybe,  it is not ours to keep. Let us remind ourselves, that one unpredictable day, it will be snatched away.

Life, is a borrowed gift for our souls redemption. Our bodies, safe keepers of our spirits; but it too shall perish. So feed your soul with so much light, that it may not regret the day it leaves its safe keeper. That it may leave it, filled with peace, For your soul lives on to eternity, make peace with it too, so that it may treat you right. As it is your guidance once your body has long deteriorated.




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