There are soooooo many awesome Korean dramas out there, amazing stories, beautiful cinematography, picturesque backgrounds, beautiful interiors and wonderful casts. I tell you, if the story doesn’t hook you then just the pretty backgrounds would keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Also, I have binged many other dramas before, but I specifically mentioned these because I could watch these a second and a third time (or maybe a fourth). Yes, I’m that kind of girl (rolls eyes), I can see you judging me right now as you read this. Don’t.

I’m sure there are many other great dramas out there, please do share your favorites as well so I can continue my binge fest. I will also write a post of my ‘All time’ favorite Korean dramas. These I can even watch ten times over (yes I said it)

So, without further ado, here are my favorite five that I have binged and loved every second of it. Since I have the attention span of a gold fish, I was surprised to have watched from start to finish without blinking. Can you believe it? Yeah, me neither.

True story – I also didn’t even check my phone or browse the internet when I was watching these. Can you believe it? Me neither.


Rating: 7/10

Based on a webtoon of a similar name, this drama has become on of my all time favorites.

Park Seo Jun (known as Park Saeroyi) definitely steals the spotlight in this whole series. Like seriously, nobody else matters. I guess that’s the whole point of the story. The way our heartstrings are pulled from episode one, you just want him to end up happy and for his Soju to finally taste sweet. This isn’t the usual romantic series, the love of our protagonist doesn’t blossom until episode 12 and it only has 16 episodes. Also, since I love progressive stories so much, it was a refreshing fresh breath of air, of a non-chaebol lead man. He isn’t born a chaebol, but he fights his way through to make it to the top of the food chain.

This is the first Korean drama that I have watched, which includes a dark skinned person as one of the main characters, and many other modern progressions that you wouldn’t see in your everyday Korean drama.


Rating: 8/10

The competition for getting in the best of schools in this drama is brutal, literally. With an amazing cast and a great plot, they were able to tell a story that students –even if it’s not to that extent – would be going through from the pressures of their parents to be the best at school and nothing less. The parents in the drama are ready to do anything, and I mean anything to make sure that their children get in the top universities. They would use any type of methods in the background just to make sure that their kids are nothing but the best. With dark pasts, suicide attempts, high societies, and very minimal romance, it was a great watch. The suspense keeps you on your toes. I did not know whom to root for, everything just catches you by surprise.


Rating: 7/10

This a kinda old drama, it was aired in 2007.

When a lot of people start getting into K-dramas, the long –time fans usually suggest this as one of the dramas that they should start watching. They know, that this is a dose that will get you addicted and that after this you would want to watch more and more.

The story follows a spoiled rich 30 year old something who is forced to run a rundown café and make it a success in order to earn the trust of his family. The concept, is that the café is only run by men from its boss to its cook to its waiters hence the name, coffee prince. A tomboy woman who is in dire need to support her financially struggling family decides to lie about her identity as a woman in order to get the job. The boss gets attracted and attached to her and gets his feelings confused whether he is gay or not, and the rest is history. Just watch it to find out.

The story unfolds beautifully.


Rating: 6/10

This is for my fellow foodies out there, and people who love success stories. The stories of people building something from nothing, especially in the form of revenge. There is a lot of food porn, an imperfect protagonist – who is not a chaebol – forming bonds with people who are from different parts of their world, coming together to form something remarkable and building friendships that would last for a lifetime.


Rating: 6/10

The twenties, that unsure age, whether you should decide to continue doing what you have been doing or start something new before it’s too late. The phase of forming your identity, and realizing slowly of the person that you really are, and sometimes not liking what you find or having ‘aha’ moments of the things you have been putting up and are taking a toll on you. Living with strangers and making friends with them, hardships of juggling multiple jobs, and struggling between being considered young for some things and an adult for others. When you are neither here nor there. Going through a quarter life crisis, and identity crisis, going out into the real world, and realizing that nobody is nice and if you need to survive you can’t afford to be a pushover, and that being mean is also OK, most of the times.

Yes, I got that wisdom (or whatever you call it) from this coming of age drama. I specifically mentioned season 1 because this was the best one. I didn’t quite like the second season, it didn’t hook me as much as the first did.

That’s it for now! I would love to hear more suggestions from any K-drama fan out there.

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