Mark Wiens

Mark travels for food. Although there are many food vloggers out there, and I do watch quite a few of them, I still go back to watch Mark. Through his incredible videos, you can definitely see how much Mark enjoys eating food. His love for food is so addicting that you wind up feeling hungry after watching his videos. He hops from country to country, enlightening his viewers with all kinds of traditional food of the countries that he travels to. His videos are the ultimate definition of food porn, making you want to keep watching … and get hungry.


A homemaker’s calm and refreshing vlogs, of her lifestyle and her home café. Haegreendal shoots silent vlogs. The noises come from her day to day activities. Her videos are calming and provide a lot of interesting information on cooking, cleaning, organization and minimalism. She shows how to find happiness in simplicity and the little things.


Alena Maze is African American and Joe Lee is Korean American. Together they have created their little world of a multi-racial family, and they take you along with them as they raise their seven beautiful children, through both African and Korean culture. How they struggle to raise them, how they manage to juggle between the children and having multiple jobs as well as trying to create a happy environment and a home for their children. I have also been watching their vlogs since 2016, and I haven’t stopped ever since. I have seen three of their youngest babies grow from infants to walking little human beings. The mesh in culture, their unique lifestyle and the way they take their videos are truly impressive and absolutely inspiring.

Subhi Taha

I have been following Subhi for three years now. I follow through his lifestyle, as he talks about all kinds of topics in general. Although he does mainly focus on his Palestinian culture, and struggles of being a millennial Muslim he does touch on different life topics and also lets us have a peek inside his daily life. I especially like the way he takes realistic videos and how he speaks to his audience as if he is having a conversation with a friend. I like to watch him when I feel like having a laugh or a sense of relatability.

If you have any recommendations on other youtubers that you would like us to check out, please do let us know on the comments below.

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