These are the classic Indian films for me that I have watched multiple times, and that you should give a try, if you have not watched them already.

You will notice that most of these are Sharukh Khan’s movies – so yes, I love him


I have watched this movie, not less than ten times before, but I still listen and dance to all the songs, and I still cry at this one scene every. Single. Time. My family has given up on me. They have realized that there is no hope. It’s just that everything in this movie is absolutely remarkable, from the power cast, to the lavish backgrounds, to the music and the plot. Beautiful


Ahh my heart. This is why we watch and swoon over romantic movies because these love stories just don’t happen in real life. The plot follows a girl and a boy who meet on a euro trip, get attracted to each other, then part ways. Only then to realize that they have met the love of their lives and they didn’t even know it. The girl finds out that she’s been engaged since she was young to a boy she hasn’t met. Her family flies to India to marry her off. The boy finds out and then flies across the country to claim his love, and so the story begins. When that boy is played by Shah Rukh Khan, you definitely can’t help but swoon and swoon some more. That little dimple on his cheek. Sigh. Where is the Raj to our Simran?


An indian chaebol man (yes I know chaebol is Korean, so what?), meets a talkative small town girl at the train station, when he has almost given up on life due to his life circumstances. Things unfold on the trip, and he finds himself viewing life from an entirely different perspective. The girl takes him to her hometown and introduces him to her family as a friend who has helped her a lot on the trip. The family is not convinced, thinking there must be something between them, but let it go. After a few weeks, the girl elopes with her longtime boyfriend and asks the man to go back. After years, the man runs his company successfully and names his sim card after the girl. Meanwhile, the girls’ family are still trying to find her and they see him on the news, so they hunt him down and ask him to tell their daughter to return home. Even though the chaebol has no idea where the girl is, he promises to bring her back home. For the rest, you will have to watch the movie. I have watched this one three times already.


This is a family classic. Weddings, huge families, romance, bromance, family feuds, toxic friendships, toxic beliefs, childhood love, lifetime bonds, happiness and just all kinds of things and emotions are in this movie. You really can’t miss this one. It’s almost a 4 hour movie. So be ready with your chicken wings and a blanket. It’s worth it.


This movie is based on a love triangle between three childhood friends. When young, the boy’s family moves to London, and asks his crush Tina to write him back because he was going to send her emails. Tina, who is raised by a single father, does not own a computer, so Pooja – who has a major crush on Raj – offers her to use the one at her house anytime she would like to. Tina of course does not, she has no time for that and neither does she have a crush on Raj. After a few weeks, Raj starts sending out emails, and Pooja then writes back to him as Tina. The two write to each other for many years, in turn sharing a lot of things about each other. As grown-ups Raj writes to Tina – who is really Pooja– that he will be coming back to India for a short trip. Pooja panics, tells Tina everything and asks her to play along. Once back, Raj and Tina hit it off. Although, Raj proposes to Tina, he gradually starts to realize that he doesn’t really connect to Tina as much as they did on their emails. She seemed like a different person. He turns to both their best friend, Pooja, to tell her this but she assures him maybe it’s just because she is nervous that they’re meeting after a long time. Raj trusts her and then goes back to London to finish up some loose ends, before he comes back for his engagement with Tina. Meanwhile, Pooja gets a scholarship at a university in London. Raj is excited and promises to take her around. Spending more time with Pooja, Raj realizes that he has more in common with her than Tina, and the rest of the story is in the movie. I wouldn’t like to spoil it for you!


Shah Rukh Khan as a normal guy is, swoon. Now imagine Shah Rukh Khan as an army man; triple swoon. The bromance and friendships in the movie, are the essence. The way people stick for each other and help each other can move you to tears. Hence the name, ‘main hoon na’ which translates to ‘I’m here’. The plot is perfectly written, the cast play it beautifully, the songs are groovy, the love is evident and of course, the movie packs some action scenes too. It’s got it all.


Another love triangle between friends and the reality that if you don’t groom yourself, or get in touch with your feminine side, you lose the man. But then again, this was 1998, things like that do not matter anymore. Right?

Anyway, this movie casts Shah Rukh Khan again. That beautiful man. That should be reason enough why one would want to watch it, no?

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