The price of dreams

A crime I have committed,  baba I dared to dream about goodness not so thin. 

The man in the screen said ‘dreams do come true’ and that resonated within a naïve mind, blooming fragile lilies and a costly silky sky. Though the man never said ‘ALL dreams do come true’. I believed everyone deserved having ignored the elephant in the room; the names behind their names and the hands complicating race.

It is crystal I lack attention as I am the result of an immigrant with a black. I know no place and I bare the face. How was I to know the sky was only falling on our home and the lilies consuming all our food?

Baba, Can you answer me please? I cannot forgive myself for what I had done; I forgot where we came from and what you fought. How you won and how you broke.

The lesson is some of us are clouds roaming aimlessly for the sole purpose of the view. Quiet and light. Ceasing to exist without a fight.

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