We believe in building friendships that last for a lifetime and this is our way of maintaining ours through this little family that we’ve created.

What we write is our perception and interpretation of life. Our thoughts, feelings and just basically our everyday aliveness.

Trust us! We definitely do not know everything. Our writings are our learning processes, to bettering ourselves, to strengthen our Imaan by questioning our individuality and everything in existence and most importantly, help each other appreciate our mere existence.

We write to get out of our everyday life boxes. A choice to refuse to live limited lives.

We’d love to connect with other people and build a bigger family of creating happiness and keep the flame ablaze. So we’d love for you to join the discussions, arguments and share your inputs on life’s issues from women’s rights to bad hair days…because girls will be girls.

Happiness Always… It’s starts with a single spark!

Be a part of Team Blaze.


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