Ticket to Jannah

We need to remember why we dress modestly and for whom.


As Muslims, the term “modest fashion” is not one that is new to our ears having to constantly struggle to maintain the modesty that is required in our dressing at the same time also not sacrificing the ‘fashion’ aspect. Continue reading “Ticket to Jannah”

My African Self

I am an African, which is what I identify with and would like to be labeled as such.



A Question of Identity

Identity and Labels; Here’s my understanding. Identity is what you associate yourself with being while a label is what you get tagged as by others using certain criteria. Continue reading “My African Self”

Besmirching their Creator’s Beauty

On the subject of the “oppressed” muslim female


downloadOne of the many arguments people use when they are trying to discredit Islam is the “role of women” and the “oppressive” nature the religion has towards them and more. As Muslims, we all know this isn’t true. We know how

Continue reading “Besmirching their Creator’s Beauty”

Six Feet By Three 

It feels like a womb

The last ten days of Ramadhan. Holier and most glorious than all. Supplication and repentance fill the air. No better time to perform I’tikaaf, staying in a mosque, devoting oneself to ibadah and staying away from worldly affairs. I could try to talk about it, what goes through ones head, what it means, but I find poetry paints a better picture .

Six feet by three. Such is my world Continue reading “Six Feet By Three “