For love

Before I forget, enjoy this piece: Days like today, I miss you much as I can As though I haven’t tried not to It’s days like today I wish you loved me too. But then I dry up my eyes and begin to want to forget you, All over again.   @_haboti_ Continue reading For love

Artificial intelligence

Let’s be real, who isnt scared of the day “Sophia” will turn against us? For those of you who don’t know Sophia, feed on some facts but I should warn you that I won’t be referring to it as “she” because it is not a human! Continue reading “Artificial intelligence”

What We’re Watching: Elementary

As someone who is drawn to intellectual conversations, and debates I can say SHERLOCK is my favorite show. I’ve completed the entire seasons of Sherlock long ago and have been waiting anxiously for a new season for a year now. I was in desperate need of a fix, until last month when a classmate suggested ELEMENTARY! Was I relieved? Of course yes, I get 6 seasons to watch the detective in action, with an interesting twist that this Sherlock is set in New York city…….(”dramatic music in the background”) Continue reading “What We’re Watching: Elementary”

New Years’ Resolutions


It’s the time of the year where some of us tick off the accomplishments of our old year 2017 resolution board, but believe it, dear Readers, that some of us just have it somewhere, lost in our memories. So for a girl who is doomed to forgetfulness above average, I tried to recollect my 2017 new year resolution list and this is what I can tell you. Continue reading “New Years’ Resolutions”