May 31

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Hey blazers, hope all is well with everyone

The piece below I recently just wrote it but has been relating to my situation for a while ♥️.

The lost warrior shapes us to love.

How can he not?

Have you seen his honest tearful eyes?

Can you not hear pain from his laughs?

His uncertain journey shouldn’t bring sorrow

Smash him down, he colors the ground

Throw him to sea, he will rise to disagree

For he is love, him we love.

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Unexpressed feelings

haboti, Miss Nasra

Dearest friends i am sorry for being late in this post! It’s unintentional what happened!

Here goes the poem of the month, hope you enjoy it as much as i did 💕

How do i form a sentence to tell

That which no one wants to hear

No amount of silence will kill spoken words

With anger in my voice, sadness in my eyes

The truth will spread, you will yell

On my behalf of utter muteness

By haboti

Instagram @_haboti_