Ticket to Jannah

We need to remember why we dress modestly and for whom.


As Muslims, the term “modest fashion” is not one that is new to our ears having to constantly struggle to maintain the modesty that is required in our dressing at the same time also not sacrificing the ‘fashion’ aspect. Continue reading “Ticket to Jannah”

My African Self

I am an African, which is what I identify with and would like to be labeled as such.



A Question of Identity

Identity and Labels; Here’s my understanding. Identity is what you associate yourself with being while a label is what you get tagged as by others using certain criteria. Continue reading “My African Self”

Disastrous Adventures

Confessions that mothers shouldn’t know about

Stove Fire Series





At this point of my life – I am not a kitchen person. 

I try to avoid that territory altogether, hence, not a lot of disasters have happened recently. I have been demotivated by the number of horrible creations that

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Paying It Back

Regarding that annual debt

Ladies, fellow sisters (and the occasional gentleman) we all know of that monthly visitor we all have, you know whom I’m talking about, the one who doesn’t need an invitation and just pops up, whether you were expecting it or not. This guest goes by many names, usually of various relations; Aunt Flo, Cousin Cramps even Freddy. My personal favourite will have to be the “Red Wedding”. Whatever you call it

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