New Years’ Resolutions

I congratulate myself,


It’s the time of the year where some of us tick off the accomplishments of our old year 2017 resolution board, but believe it, dear Readers, that some of us just have it somewhere, lost in our memories. So for a girl who is doomed to forgetfulness above average, I tried to recollect my 2017 new year resolution list and this is what I can tell you. Continue reading “New Years’ Resolutions”

Disastrous Adventures

Confessions that mothers shouldn’t know about

Stove Fire Series





At this point of my life – I am not a kitchen person. 

I try to avoid that territory altogether, hence, not a lot of disasters have happened recently. I have been demotivated by the number of horrible creations that

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What’s the Rush ?

A discussion on marriage, suitors and the constant pressure

There comes a point in one’s life where you start dreaming of a beautiful wedding which will hopefully result to a happy marriage and all that it entails. However, there also reaches a time where you want peace from all

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My Viewpoint on Teens’ Lifestyle

An account of an Arab upbringing

teenage-stressThe things a teenager hears covers all aspects of everything from manners to your dressing style. And I know most of the difficulties and expectations they have to meet can sometimes be, unimaginable! Let me list Continue reading “My Viewpoint on Teens’ Lifestyle”

The Grandmother

Introducing our resident poet

Haboti is my way of putting my jumbled thoughts together, and try to understand life altogether. It’s the secrets that I’ve hidden, the mistakes I’ve committed, the stories that have left impacts on me, and most importantly… it’s all the lessons learned.

I write short poems, just to try different ways to adapt and accept this reality that we call life.

I’ve never been a bookworm, a writer or into poetry.  These writings are just a disarray of my feelings and thoughts, that I always feel, are

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