21 Lessons For The 21st Century : Book Thoughts

The book, although a highly informative read, I found it to be focusing mainly on a group of individuals in the highly developed world. As a person who is born and raised in Africa, I would say that our lessons for the 21st century, would be slightly different. I found myself not being able to relate to a lot of things that were mentioned in … Continue reading 21 Lessons For The 21st Century : Book Thoughts

Death: How do you reflect?

It might be too late to wish everyone a happy Ramadhan, but better late than never, right? So, Happy Ramadhan everybody!

I wrote a little reflection poem about death, because I realized how this is a scary topic for many people. The minute you mention death, in any way, then there is a certain look on people’s face, like a taboo Continue reading “Death: How do you reflect?”

The Alchemist – Book thoughts

I got attached to Santiago.

From the boy he was, to the man he became. I was part of it all, every step of his journey. You can sense the maturity changes in the protagonist as the book progresses. As a reader, I felt a part of every process.

Through magic interpretations and insightful metaphors, there are bits of life lessons and knowledge of phases that one has to go through in order to become who they believe they are, and part of these are probably taken out of Paulo Coelho’s life himself.

Santiago can be anybody, Continue reading “The Alchemist – Book thoughts”

Ramadhan Book Challenge

Alhamdulillah. Ramadhan is here again. It’s time to take our brains out of our stomachs and plant it in our hearts. Time to reflect. Many of the times in Ramadan, I am at work on usual hours and thus, apart from listening to the Quran, I like reading self-reflection books on faith and Islam. I am challenging myself (and anyone who would like to join … Continue reading Ramadhan Book Challenge

STAYING IN TOUCH (2nd Edition)


I have varying opinions on this topic; because I have seen people trying to stay in touch, I have seen people who only try on their side and I have seen people who gave up.

Keeping in touch is a commitment, and just like any other commitment; they are all like plants that need to constantly be watered in order to grow. So I think there isn’t really one specific answer or reason why people lose or keep in touch. There are multiple reasons, circumstances, change in habits, or it could even be change in people. Continue reading “STAYING IN TOUCH (2nd Edition)”

The little brown girl

This story is about the little brown girl
Who never realized how beautiful her golden skin was.

She lived her life believing,
Every single day,
That she would never be defined as beauty

She never thought to look carefully, and deeply at every inch of herself
At every single speck on her skin
At every shade of color, that made her who she was

She could not bother

Society was always right
They had labeled her skin as Continue reading “The little brown girl”