Fruits, Mountains and Cities

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branchFrom childhood we’re taught to read the Qur’an, in its original Arabic. It’s a given that Muslim kids all over the world can read and perhaps even write in Arabic. However, how many understand what they read ? We’re trained to read the chapters and commit them to memory, not enough emphasis though is inserted into learning the meanings of these holy chapters, which is the whole purpose of the Qur’an. To read, decipher and understand the message from

So You May Know One Another

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It’s of no surprise being a Muslim female in her twenties that the subject of marriage crosses mine and millions of others minds ever so often. When will it happen, how will it happen, with whom? We are always wondering but will never know until it finally happens.

With whom, that’s the million dollar question. I’m not a hopeless romantic who envisions a tall, dark stranger who will come and sweep me of my feet, I do however have

The little brown girl

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This story is about the little brown girl
Who never realized how beautiful her golden skin was.

She lived her life believing,
Every single day,
That she would never be defined as beauty

She never thought to look carefully, and deeply at every inch of herself
At every single speck on her skin
At every shade of color, that made her who she was

She could not bother

Society was always right
They had labeled her skin as


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Gratefulness. A situation of a people or person who’s state becomes of happiness and contentment when and after they have achieved whatever they were going for. This is my state darling Readers. I do wonder, what is your state?

Being grateful requires not to have as much of materialistic wealth as let’s say any other celeb; it does not mean having 200 people who know of you. Neither does it mean having the ability to possess everything that you have ever dreamed of in terms of wealth. No. Not at all. It means realising that you do not need to have it all.

After all, looking at how the world is getting to these days, the wars that are blazing up, rising for one reason or the other…though some of these wars, Allah knows best, who I am to judge. I do not have the full knowledge after all, but wherever there is fire, there was smoke., as our saying would go for the Swahilis. Anyways, back to the point, I feel these Eastern wars are being sparked due to the number of blessings they HAD. Islam. Oil. Happiness. Leaders who had powerful visions and developed their countries substantially.

Being thankful for the few things you were blessed with, whether it be having parents, having siblings, having a plate of food every other day with some of three times and a roof over your head. Readers, some of the people out there do not even have a bed to sleep on much less a house over their heads, Will it be under trees for safety, beside the road? Will they be safe from the careless drivers at the night? From the gangs wandering through the night? Readers some of them even sleep on rumbling and empty stomachs, even for 3 days in a row!

Some of us have leftover food every time we eat. And when we finish eating we take a walk in order to reduce the amount of food we just put into our bellies while others are walking in search of some. Funny.

On another note, some of us complain that we do not have money enough to get an iPhone 9. Darling, I’m sure you at least have a phone with which you can text and call, the person who has this iPhone (you may never know) is living on credit. At the end of every month, he receives a statement which not even you (who thinks his/her life is so beautiful) can handle.

I could go on, but the bottom line is that people nowadays are so full of complaints and choose not to see the silver lining in most situations. We choose not to see how lucky we are.

May Allah save us from his wrath and anger. May He grant us sabr and may we be grateful for all He has given us.