This is another gently nostalgic movie. A beautiful romantic. I am a sucker for movies based on the past. Everything about these movies scream vintage. The fashion sense, the beautiful landscapes, the subtle romance and oh boy … their handbags. In Brooklyn, the plot follows a young Irish girl, Eilis (played by Saoirse Ronan), who leaves Ireland in order to escape the narrowness and limited … Continue reading BROOKLYN


Heart wrenching. Bittersweet. Heartwarming. Nostalgic. I watched the movie for the first time last week, and I asked myself, why hasn’t anyone recommended this movie before? Why haven’t I ever come across it before? After a long long time, I have watched a really good story. I literally cried (might be a moot point considering I cry at everything and anything), like the whole watery … Continue reading MOVIE SPOTLIGHT – STEEL MAGNOLIAS

Be scared

Just like we have different races, language and laughter’swe differ at heart, the keeper of the soul’s secrets. The mistake most of us make is stereotyping the heart to emotions of love, happiness and strength; a heart can do much more than that…A heart need not feel, hope or dream, it can be numb, lost and toxic. It worries me how the world agrees that these following words are positive and uplifting – follow you heart, meant to define that all the heart is, is innocence that is not to be questioned, just … Continue reading Be scared

The only way to go

I know of a man who sits outside the porch every late afternoon watching life pass him by, building castles in the sky. He sits to enjoy his coffee with his head looking down admiring the ground, as if he longs to be it, under it.  And when the sun is out of sight he gathers himself for a fight, wakes up his soul and reminds it to move on. Some days I see him in the mornings too when the sky has enough blue to blame the sun … Continue reading The only way to go