Designated Survivor Korea’s Remix

Who is a fan of political dramas? Not me. I can honestly say I’ve passed over plenty of shows with such premises, especially American ones. I absolutely can’t stand when I have to sit through American propaganda on how they’re amazing and the rest of the world is just evil. Now one drama has made me into a believer. Designated Survivor: 60 days, does the … Continue reading Designated Survivor Korea’s Remix


There are soooooo many awesome Korean dramas out there, amazing stories, beautiful cinematography, picturesque backgrounds, beautiful interiors and wonderful casts. I tell you, if the story doesn’t hook you then just the pretty backgrounds would keep your eyes glued to the screen. Also, I have binged many other dramas before, but I specifically mentioned these because I could watch these a second and a third … Continue reading 5 KOREAN DRAMAS TO BINGE WATCH ON NETFLIX

21 Lessons For The 21st Century : Book Thoughts

The book, although a highly informative read, I found it to be focusing mainly on a group of individuals in the highly developed world. As a person who is born and raised in Africa, I would say that our lessons for the 21st century, would be slightly different. I found myself not being able to relate to a lot of things that were mentioned in … Continue reading 21 Lessons For The 21st Century : Book Thoughts

The Alchemist – Book thoughts

I got attached to Santiago.

From the boy he was, to the man he became. I was part of it all, every step of his journey. You can sense the maturity changes in the protagonist as the book progresses. As a reader, I felt a part of every process.

Through magic interpretations and insightful metaphors, there are bits of life lessons and knowledge of phases that one has to go through in order to become who they believe they are, and part of these are probably taken out of Paulo Coelho’s life himself.

Santiago can be anybody, Continue reading “The Alchemist – Book thoughts”

What We’re Watching: Elementary

As someone who is drawn to intellectual conversations, and debates I can say SHERLOCK is my favorite show. I’ve completed the entire seasons of Sherlock long ago and have been waiting anxiously for a new season for a year now. I was in desperate need of a fix, until last month when a classmate suggested ELEMENTARY! Was I relieved? Of course yes, I get 6 seasons to watch the detective in action, with an interesting twist that this Sherlock is set in New York city…….(”dramatic music in the background”) Continue reading “What We’re Watching: Elementary”

What We’re… Reading


A Way Long Gone

Ishmael Beah. A soldier at the tender age of 12 in Sierra Leone is forced to see more than I can comprehend. He loses his parents during the escape as he hears war is coming to his town. This book written by himself is an account of what he goes through as he tries to survive in a country experiencing civil war.  Continue reading “What We’re… Reading”