The team

Meet the blazers.

Hi everyone ! This is Mi hi, the bubbly, impulsive human being whose sole purpose in life is to be happy, spread happiness and achieve happiness all around. My name means”happy” as well- in case anyone was wondering! Ok bye.

Hello, my name is Nasra, a member of this blog team, I am not very chilled, a bit random and always hopeful.

Hi.I’m Pochi. Shy and cheerful. I love trying new things and this is one of them. Welcome, and explore our blog with an understanding and open mind!

Salaam! I go by Miskellaneous, because I’m a dash of everything. Self proclaimed introvert,but love to bring laughter into peoples lives, yours included. Avid K-Culture consumer. A sucker for approval, so hopefully you’d like us.

Honorary blazer

Hi, I’m Rahma, a highschool student who spends too much time on tumblr. I’m really excited for this blog and I’m hoping I can contribute as a writer.And design great headers