Death: How do you reflect?

It might be too late to wish everyone a happy Ramadhan, but better late than never, right? So, Happy Ramadhan everybody!

I wrote a little reflection poem about death, because I realized how this is a scary topic for many people. The minute you mention death, in any way, then there is a certain look on people’s face, like a taboo Continue reading “Death: How do you reflect?”

Sunny-side Breakfast Toast

  Alright! Welcome to the first post on “We Eat” ! Procrastination is a horrible disease and it needs to stop. The world is facing a pandemic right now and people are stuck indoors, what better time to get busy in the kitchen ? To begin will start simple and easy, looking at a simple yet one of my favourite breakfast options…toast. What you’ll need; … Continue reading Sunny-side Breakfast Toast

The Alchemist – Book thoughts

I got attached to Santiago.

From the boy he was, to the man he became. I was part of it all, every step of his journey. You can sense the maturity changes in the protagonist as the book progresses. As a reader, I felt a part of every process.

Through magic interpretations and insightful metaphors, there are bits of life lessons and knowledge of phases that one has to go through in order to become who they believe they are, and part of these are probably taken out of Paulo Coelho’s life himself.

Santiago can be anybody, Continue reading “The Alchemist – Book thoughts”

Be scared

Just like we have different races, language and laughter’swe differ at heart, the keeper of the soul’s secrets. The mistake most of us make is stereotyping the heart to emotions of love, happiness and strength; a heart can do much more than that…A heart need not feel, hope or dream, it can be numb, lost and toxic. It worries me how the world agrees that these following words are positive and uplifting – follow you heart, meant to define that all the heart is, is innocence that is not to be questioned, just … Continue reading Be scared

The only way to go

I know of a man who sits outside the porch every late afternoon watching life pass him by, building castles in the sky. He sits to enjoy his coffee with his head looking down admiring the ground, as if he longs to be it, under it.  And when the sun is out of sight he gathers himself for a fight, wakes up his soul and reminds it to move on. Some days I see him in the mornings too when the sky has enough blue to blame the sun … Continue reading The only way to go