Ramadhan Book Challenge

Alhamdulillah. Ramadhan is here again. It’s time to take our brains out of our stomachs and plant it in our hearts. Time to reflect. Many of the times in Ramadan, I am at work on usual hours and thus, apart from listening to the Quran, I like reading self-reflection books on faith and Islam. I am challenging myself (and anyone who would like to join … Continue reading Ramadhan Book Challenge


But he sits with himself at 4am When the sun can’t rise & the moon on the opposite side A perfect dark for thoughts He then visits the no light corners The hidden storms in his mind The bloody rivers of hope The dying dreamland The withering lilies of love The thoughts of ending his life “Would it be?… Would it be the worst thing … Continue reading 🦋

Mourning My lose

The world has ended! The apocalypse has begun! The world needs to know what has happened in my life and share in my pain. Beloved blazers I ask for your condolences on the loss my beloved phone which disappeared under mysterious circumstances on the 5th of September 2018, having served to the best of its abilities for 4 years of my life. This couldn’t have come at a worse time; my laptop’s out of commission and I lack the wifi connectivity to connect my iPad to the net. It’s only been
Continue reading “Mourning My lose”


Hey lovely readers. Hope you are all in an amazing place, this is haboti reporting and asking to forgive me as i have not posted a poem for over 2 months! That’s two poems! But i will be posting for march…… read on! Let me forget you exist From the way you laugh to the way you kiss All your likes, what makes you real … Continue reading 💗